Wealth management is the tip of the iceberg.
We take care of everything else.

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Better decisions separate success from failure and united families from families divided. Families face hard choices every day, whether in business, governance, strategy, succession, family matters, or legal/fiscal issues.


Our clients make better decisions because they benefit from decades of experience, world-class knowledge of best practices, and lessons learned from dozens of other leading business families.


The end result is a happier family, a more successful business, and easier, more effective transitions. Consulting is often the best investment a family can make in its own future.


Learning and teaching forever are constants in family business: international expansion, selling a business and investing the proceeds, or transitioning to the next generation of leaders all demand new knowledge and wisdom for success.

Raising children to be leaders and financially-literate owners is just as important, but it's extremely uncomfortable for most families to teach their children about money and wealth.

In these and in many other ways, 55 Fidelius ensures that our families are always able to learn what they really need, when they need it.

Concierge and
Support Services

Quality of life often suffers as families try to juggle a growing business with a growing family, planning a product launch while planning the family vacation. The family's needs are often the last to be met.

We can help by managing shared resources, improving family communication, streamlining bill payment and other services, and representing the family to contractors and suppliers.

Our lifestyle and concierge services give the family greater quality of life. We'll put a smile on your face, peace in your heart, and free time on your calendars.

Our Professional
Services Network

Finding good advisors is a huge risk: the unknown may be incompetent, overpriced, dishonest, or a poor fit. The search takes precious time, and it's hard to judge quality or expertise before hiring.

We've worked with a broad network of professionals and suppliers across many fields and across the Americas for years and sometimes decades. Whether you need a lawyer, accountant, auditor, therapist, consultant, coach, property manager, or even a plumber, we can recommend two or three who will solve your problem and treat you right.

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